Dried Fruit

Export of dried fruit

Export of dried fruit
Export of dried fruit, Iran is one of the top producers and exporters of dried fruit worldwide. And that’s because our beloved country has a variety of climates at the same time, so it has the ability to grow and grow all kinds of fruits.

What fruits are widely grown and harvested in Iran?
In Iran, all kinds of fruits such as apples, bananas, kiwis, oranges, strawberries, cherries, apricots and many other fruits are harvested in large numbers. And for this reason, Iran is known as one of the largest exporters of dried fruits. Dried fruit has the same nutritional value as fresh fruit. And in some cases, dried fruits have more nutritional value.

Nutritional value of dried fruits
As mentioned, some dried fruits have more nutritional value, even some dried fruits have up to 4 times more antioxidants than fresh fruits. For example, dried plums (dried plums) have a more laxative effect than fresh plums, such as dried figs and berries. The reason for this is that due to the reduction in the volume of fruits, the amount of nutrients in them increases. Dried fruits are a good source of iron, potassium, selenium, fiber, etc., but vitamins C and folic acid are found more in fresh fruits. It is necessary to know that the method of drying fruits is also effective in preserving their nutrients. If the fruits are dried at high temperature, all the vitamins and nutrients will be lost and it will be difficult for the body to digest it.

Tips for exporting dried fruit
Regarding the export of dried fruits, attention should be paid to their health and organic nature, because in European countries such as Germany, France, England, Russia, Turkey and Arab countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries, special attention is paid to public health. has it. For this reason, the health and organic nature of these products is more important, and in case of export of qualified products in accordance with the standards to these countries, the export of dry fruits will be greatly welcomed. In order to be welcomed and approved by European, Arab and other countries, they must be dried with organic methods and without the use of harmful chemicals.

European Union: the largest importer of dried fruits
The European Union is the largest importer of dried fruit in the world. 40% of the world’s dried fruit is imported to Europe. The European Union has a limited production of dried fruit, and for this reason it cannot meet the needs of its member countries, and for this reason, it imports dried fruit from other countries, including America and Iran. It is necessary to know that dried fruit, in addition to exporting first-class dried fruit to European countries, is also exported to Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia and other countries around Iran, in compliance with all health principles and high quality.

Considering that agriculture and horticulture are more traditional in Iran, genetic manipulations and the use of dangerous poisons in products are still much less used in some countries, and for this reason the products are almost organic. In addition, it should be noted that Iranian fresh and dried fruits and nuts are much tastier than other producing countries.

What kind of fruits are chosen for drying?
The quality of the fruits selected for drying is very remarkable. Because dry fruits without sugar and other additives are a good alternative to other unhealthy snacks. In addition, product packaging is also very important in this case. Therefore, at the last stage, the packaging of the products is done in a completely modern and stylish manner and in accordance with international standards. Because the type of packaging is very effective in exporting goods. It should be noted that the type of packaging is also very influential in the price of products; If the buyer orders the product in bulk, the cost price of the product will be lower for him.
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