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The story of spices

The story of spices

The story of spices
The story of spices with pepper

Foods have no taste without spices. In addition to making food tastier, spices are also used as food preservatives and also have wide medicinal properties. In this article, we will review everything about spices and learn about their miracles, so stay tuned.

We start the story of spices with pepper. Pepper, whose original Persian name is Pelpel, is a flowering plant that is the most widely used and popular food seasoning all over the world. Vietnam and then India are among the largest suppliers of pepper in the world. Pepper seeds are available in black, white and red colors after drying.

When harvesting, due to the fact that the pepper plant is a bush, wood or other impurities are mixed with the product. Despite the fact that the harvested product is semi-mechanized, it is better to re-examine the pepper seeds before grinding.

Due to its very useful nutritional properties, pepper is also used in making some medicines. But excessive use of it is harmful to health.

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The story of spices

The story of spices is different. Cardamom is a plant from the ginger family, whose main home (which supplies more than 80% of the world’s consumption) is India. Cardamom gives a special aroma to tea and has many fans. Cardamom is used in sweets and desserts due to its soothing aroma and can be one of the ingredients of curry powder.

According to Iranian traditional medicine, cardamom is warm and dry, which has many therapeutic benefits.

The most fragrant type of cardamom is green. In addition to the aroma and color, the size and coarseness of cardamom is one of the main criteria for the quality of this product.